Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Cadillac Graveyard, Amarillo,Texas

From Route 66: The Mother Road, by Michael Wallis:

Just outisde the city limits, not far from vast feed lots covered with mounds of rich manure, stands a bizarre Pop Art monument to the Mother Road. In a wheat field near where old Route 66 once crossed the land and within plain sight of I-40 are the carcasses of ten Cadillacs, nose down in the turf, their tail fins gleaming in the sun. This is the legendary Cadillac Ranch, created by Ant Farm, a counter-culture art collective, under the direction of Stanley Marsh 3, an eccentric Texas millionaire and art collector who owns the property...

Over the years, the ten Caddys have been blasted by the elements, and spray-painteed and gouged by the thousands of visitors who stop along the road and make the short pilgrimage across the field to Marsh's monument to the American Dream.

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