Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3246.0 (263.8) Miles to Chicago, Illinois

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In case you weren't aware, Abraham Lincoln is BIG in Illinois. And especially in Springfield. Saw the Lincoln Presidential Museum, which had some interesting exhibits. Good thing to see. Went to his tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery. Touched the nose on the statue for good luck. We'll see what happens. Then I took off for Chicago.

Made it to the Windy City after a nice long drive through the Illinois countryside. Saw Chicago police pulling over a car. Which means I have now seen someone pulled over in every single state along Route 66, including during the 13 miles of Kansas.

End of 66 was a little anticlimactic. Driving up Jackson Street, there's a little sign at Michigan that says "Historic Route 66 End," but I couldn't stop because I was driving in nighttime Chicago traffic. Then where my directions said it ended, the road was closed. Will try to get back to the end today and see what the end of 66 looks like. Instead, I drove on around the lake to Lakeview on Chicago's north side to my friend's apartment. Today's all about seeing Chicago. A little tourist, a little not-for-tourist, and (hopefully) a Cubs game.

And a couple of days without driving.

Pictures: The old Illinois State House, where Lincoln gave his "House Divided" speech and lay in state after his death. The current Illinois State House, where Bloggo was dumped. Abe enjoying a day on a Springfield Bench. Lincoln's tomb, with the nose discolored because it is good luck to touch it.

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gjjensen001 said...

Hey It looking like your having a blast. In a few days you will be coming up to my old stomping grounds. All I can say is you do stop in Wall Drug that is not what real South Dakotan are like. I only had one Jakalope as a pet when I was small and he didn't live to long. LOL