Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4646.5 (465.0) Miles to Kadoka, South Dakota

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Long day in terms of mileage, but my earliest day in terms of time. The benefits of major interstates instead of small side roads. Drove the rest of the way across Iowa on US-20, then crossed the Missouri River (for the first time) to cut a little corner of Nebraska. Crossed the Missouri (for the second time) back into Iowa and up I-29 into South Dakota (over the Big Sioux River). Took I-29 up to I-90, and started heading west. Covered another nearly 250 miles on I-90, crossing the Missouri for the THIRD time on my way to Kadoka, South Dakota (population 736), the "Gateway to the Badlands."

Got the car cleaned off on the last run into Kadoka. I'd been watching a rainstorm off in the distance for about 30 miles, and as soon as I crossed over into Mountain time zone (South Dakota is split between Mountain and Central), the rain started to fall on the car. Then it started to pour. Lighting flashes all around, dark clouds extending a long way to my left (south). And as soon as I cleared the storm cell and got out into the clear, an announcement came over the radio on the emergency broadcast system of a thunderstorm watch. Thanks. That was helpful.

No pictures again today, but tomorrow for sure, since I'm heading into Badlands National Park (20 miles down the road), and (depending on timing) Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

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