Sunday, August 23, 2009

6101.5 (473.9) Miles to Butte, Montana

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Here's the short version: Spent the morning finishing Yellowstone's south loop. Spent the afternoon driving through Grand Teton National Park. Spend the evening driving nearly 300 miles to Butte, Montana. I'll have more details of all of this in the next post, along with posting my thoughts written in Grand Teton National Park. I just wanted to get the map up tonight. For those of you who know me well, raise your hand if you're surprised that I liked Grand Teton more than Yellowstone. Anyone? Anyone at all?

Sorry, I lied. No pictures again today. Landed in Butte way too late to go through/pick/post/etc. They will come, though. A day and a half from Yellowstone PLUS the Tetons.

Tomorrow, driving I-90 west to its end in Seattle.

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