Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Few Days without Miles: Chicago.

Spent the last could of days playing tourist around Chicago, courtesy of a friend from college (who has been nice enough to let me crash at his place). In no particular order, went to the Field Museum and saw exhibits on pirates, ancient Egypt, photography from the civil rights movement, Native American items, and a T-Rex. Went to the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower, and looked out on Chicagoland, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana (or would have if it had been a clearer day). Saw some of the public art Chicago has to offer, including a giant reflective bean (see below), and giant digital faces that spit water on children. Had some Chicago-style pizza. And wandered around the city a bit.

Tomorrow, it's off to Wisconsin. Then I'll head up to Minnesota, down to Iowa, and then start the trek west. I've (mentally) separated the trip into 3 parts: the Journey (Route 66, just ended, where the travel itself was the point), the Destinations (Taliesin to the Oregon/California border, where the places I end up are the point), and the Drive (Highway 1 down the California coast, where the doing the drive, as opposed to doing the traveling, is the point). Stage 2 starts tomorrow.

Pictures: The Route 66 finishing line. Wrigley Field (where I'll go on some future trip when I have more money and the Cubs are better). "The Bean," some strange Chicago art sculpture that is a big oddly shaped mirror. Sue, the largest most complete T-Rex in the world, at the Field Museum. Looking down 103 stories between my feet at the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.

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